I had an interesting day today. Annie worked night shift last night so I didn’t want to disturb her. I was going to go home today. She would be sleeping most of the day so I chose to stop at Maryborough overnight and have a look around.

Parked comfortably on the river’s edge, I wandered up the road to find a cafe for lunch and sat with a lovely lady with a huge backpack by her side. Of course it came up in the conversation that she was a Camino pilgrim.

We parted ways and I went for a wander around town, past the war museum and several closed restaurants. It seems most of the town is shut down. Hardly anyone is serving food.

I walked to the park, a beautiful sanctuary surrounded by ancient trees, most notably, ‘sausage trees‘. They have these weird things hanging from long vines…they looked like something else to me!😳

I pushed on past many bronze war statues and memorials and wondered at the significance to this town. Tomorrow, I think I need to visit the War Museum and see why there is so much memorabilia here. However, I have no idea what Richard Sheridan did for the Maryborough!? Was he a frog?

And then there is Maryborough’s desperate clutch to the fact that the author of Mary Poppins was born here. The street lights have her image instead of the little green man, there are murals everywhere and bronze statues on street corners. Out of sheer curiosity, I will go to the Mary Poppins museum tomorrow.

I walked on thinking I’d sit and read my book with a glass of wine in a pub somewhere. Pubs are on every corner but apparently because of Covid, they only really open for the weekends. I entered one that had been recommended, but after filling out the Covid form confirming I have not been in contact with or have had the virus, I was asked to leave because I didn’t have ID to prove the address and name I had provided was correct! It’s been years since I’ve been asked for ID and normally I would be chuffed but not this time! I decided to go back to the bus and cook instead. I’m sure I have a bottle of red stashed somewhere.

I am now back in the bus after having rather an entertaining hour or so sitting by the dock listening to ‘old salties’ talking rubbish about their day’s fishing. Beer in one hand, ciggy in the other and insulting each other non stop as Aussies do as a sign of affection and mateship. I wanted to take a photo of the three bum cracks peering out from their undersized shorts but it felt a bit pervy 😂 and then I left when the hawking started and the spitting and coughing. They were getting rowdy.

Perhaps I should watch Mary Poppins tonight 🤔

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